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Licensed Psycho-dynamic Psychotherapist 

SELF-described as a Self -Centered Therapist, my therapeutic approach is to support and guide you toward the expansion of your best, real Self. I believe that no matter what brings people into therapy, no matter what hurt or frustration in not knowing they present in telling mental health professionals. What we are all looking for is our own(ed) sense of inner peace. 


To believe, feel and behave in a manner in which we can be proud, and that our parents could brag about. Brag because they too were/are proud. How do we accomplish what seems so impossible? Well, if you've made it this far on my site, you may just be ready to find out the perfect answer to the question of how. 


How to do anything first requires the answer to WHY. Once we know why we are doing what we are doing. Once we understand, AND feel our way through, only then can we know how REALLY  how. Here's how I can help: I utilize moments of your history to provide support and practical feedback to help you effectively address present-day personal life challenges. 


As I said, it seems to me that each person who is brave enough to participate in the process of therapy is wanting the same thing: INNER PEACE. 


A state of inner peace eliminates anxieties, fears, and worries. It also removes negative thoughts, stress, lack of satisfaction, and unhappiness. It is a state of emotional and mental poise, happiness, confidence, and inner strength. Learn how to calm down your mind and emotions.


Now experiencing a sense of calm within one's Self is not as easy as many well-intentioned gurus make it seem.  Due to different circumstances beyond your control (childhood) or that you'd remember (unconsciousness), you may have forgotten, minimized, and devalued or denied your Real Self your entire life. 


In denying our Real Self, we may not believe we know who we really are.  So logically how can anyone truly know who they are if they don't know what they feel? 


And how can we know WHAT we feel if we don't know HOW we feel? Working with me is about finding out HOW.  How you feel. How you got to a place in your life (especially if the world views you as successful), and ultimately HOW to become attracted to what's healthier. 

In my private practice, I successfully treat Adults, Couples, Youth & Families by helping them unearth, develop, and implement a more accurate (and more manageable) perception of themSelves. The adult Self required in order to find, and then tolerate both personal and professional success.


Working with a variety of people, from uber drivers to movie stars and from those obtaining monetary or non-commercial success during their lifetime, is ultimately about one seemingly simple but is more often far from simplistic. - Relationships. 

It is our relationships with others that make life worth living. A life without satisfying relationships is no life at all, and where do we learn how to be in a relationship?  Our parents, caregivers, caretakers, guardians, our tribe. 

Our parents guide, mold, encourage, or discourage the most important relationship we'll ever have. The relationship with ourselves. by modeling how each parent feels about themselves, then one another, and then others in their world, we watch and mimic how to be with ourselves and then with them, THEN with others. Read more on this by clicking on the button below:


More on Inner Peace

The Self: 

An Independent Center of Initiative  & Perception.

Y O U  G E T  W H A T  Y O U  S T A Y  F O R

It's time to learn how to become attracted to what's healthier. 

Where it's all about You, Your Self & Why.

From your point of you. One Session at a time.


A more accurate view

Psychotherapy is a leap of faith. Not away from anyone or anything as much as a huge driving force (motivation) toward your Real Self. 


By looking at your Self in a way that is above all, empathic, honest, and consistent, you will be allowing me to provide interpretations or feedback in reflection back to you what my experience of you in a healthier more satisfying relationship. 


And yes, while our particular relationship will be unique to the ones you have and are attempting to have outside of our work together, consider that you will be paying me for my time and NOT my feelings.  

The privilege of working with those with whom we have each agreed is a "good fit," which means you bringing the best version of you into our sessions.  


Each time we meet, you will be allowing me to guide you as you leave the comfortable but unhealthy "Garden of Ignorance," and more consciously and therefore more informed understanding of yourself. 


By experiencing a relationship with an authentic, emotionally manageable, and consistently accurate perspective of you. You, from Your point of You.

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I have a deep interest in the successful treatment of symptoms of trauma such as Infidelity, substance abuse, and other ways in which we cope with life stressors or feelings of inadequacy which as a Psychoanalytic/Psychodynamic Psychotherapist I see as coming from our childhood selves.

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Lies we tell ourSelves like accepting a false Self-narrative or a clinical diagnosis as an identity perpetuates a Self- loathing narrative in need of uprooting!

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