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Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist                                         Certified Drug & Alcohol Counselor

                  MFC#101500                                                                                MFT Trainee (Ifat Peled, PsyD #28021)


You don’t have relationship problems

You have unresolved childhood problems that are disguising themselves as relationship problems  

Tim is a California State Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist (Lic#MFC101500). He holds a Master's Degree in​ Counseling Psychology, and is in pursuit of his Doctorate (PsyD) with an interest in the emphasis in treating high anxiety and those who have been diagnosed or experience the symptoms of personality disorder(s). I work hard to pay attention to what you are telling me and more importantly to what you may not realize you are telling me. Because ultimately you are telling yourself things that are no longer relevant to your current life objectives, and without an empathic self-awareness, your understanding of yourself is under conscious. Yes, you have been under achieving because you've been unconscious in your own life.

Tiffany is an MFT Trainee (supervised by Ifat Peled, PsyD Lic#28021) & California State Certified Drug & Alcohol Counselor. She is currently in pursuit of her Master's Degree in Clinical Psychology and has extensive experience working in drug and alcohol recovery. Tiffany has established, implemented and maintained the overall mental health (dual diagnosed) programming in facilities where chronic problems of homelessness, substance abuse, social anxieties, clinical and situational depression were successfully treated. 

I have a sharp focus on what you may be experiencing as self doubt, and can help you with the tools you've had but which have not been within your reach, to gain momentum toward self-actualization. 


Tim is a California State Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist (Lic#MFC101500). He holds a Master's Degree in Counseling Psychology, and is in pursuit of his Doctorate (PsyD) with an interest in the emphasis in treating high anxiety and personality disorders.

Both Tim and Tiffany each facilitate on-going supportive group therapy where the problems of substance abuse, social anxieties, poor communication between couples and families and childhood traumas are processed. Whether you decide to work with Tim or Tiffany separately or together, we will successfully help you develop the valuable skills needed to address and cope with your painful internal struggles, unsatisfactory relationships and emotional traumas. We also make sure to provide practical feedback which allows you to experience what it's truly like for others to be in relationship with you. Tim and Tiffany are dedicated to never shying away from what needs to be said to our clients so that you are better in touch with how you feel (Emotional Intelligence). This will organically unearth the clarity you need to know (Intellectual) so you are confident in what to do (Behaviors) to live a consistently satisfying life.

Our specializations are in the areas of mood and anxiety disorders, drug and alcohol abuse, relationship and stage-of-life adjustment difficulties, and the experiences of either living with or being the child of those who may or may not have been diagnosed with Borderline and Narcissistic personality traits or disorders. We practice psychoanalytic psychotherapy with authentic multi-cultural sensitivity. We are also gay/lesbian friendly and have alternate lifestyle awareness.

Our therapeutic approach is psychoanalytic in practice. This means we utilize moments of your history to provide support and practical feedback to help you effectively address present day personal life challenges. Crisis and suffering provide opportunities to awaken extraordinary capacities (real life superpowers) that otherwise might lie dormant, unknown, untapped and unconscious. Using your personal experiences as a road map, and the very real relationship established with each person with whom we work, we make the most of those experiences and help you become emotionally present and conscious opening the door for authentic transformation and life long healing.

We also utilize Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy (AEDP). whose key therapeutic action is the undoing of your aloneness and thus, you will feel the establishment of the therapeutic relationship as both a safe haven and secure base. We have also used Cognitive Behavioral Therapy We also have an eclectic orientation adding Cognitive Behavioral and Family System Therapies to the work we do with others.

Tim in particular emphasizes support for males age 18-25 with histories of rage, substance abuse and social anxieties. He also specializes in helping accomplished professionals such as other clinicians, high profile artists, executives and their adult children. We work with each individual, couple and/or family member to help you build on your strengths and attain the personal and professional growth you are committed to accomplishing. 

*The titles therapist, counselor, psychotherapist, life coach can instead refer to varying levels of education and experience. Psychiatrists are medical doctors who often prescribe medication to treat psychological conditions.