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It's time to learn how to become attracted to what's healthier. 

Where it's all about You, Your Self & Why.

From your point of you. One Session at a time.

The Self: 

An Independent Center of Initiative  & Perception.

Y O U  G E T  W H A T  Y O U  S T A Y  F O R


A more accurate view

Psychotherapy is a leap of faith. Not away from anyone or anything as much as a huge driving force (motivation) toward your Real Self. 


By looking at your Self in a way that is above all, empathic, honest, and consistent, you will be allowing me to provide interpretations or feedback in reflection back to you what my experience of you in a healthier more satisfying relationship. 


And yes, while our particular relationship will be unique to the ones you have and are attempting to have outside of our work together, consider that you will be paying me for my time and NOT my feelings.  

The privilege of working with those with whom we have each agreed is a "good fit," which means you bringing the best version of you into our sessions.  


Each time we meet, you will be allowing me to guide you as you leave the comfortable but unhealthy "Garden of Ignorance," and more consciously and therefore more informed understanding of yourself. 


By experiencing a relationship with an authentic, emotionally manageable, and consistently accurate perspective of you. You, from Your point of You.

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I have a deep interest in the successful treatment of symptoms of trauma such as Infidelity, substance abuse, and other ways in which we cope with life stressors or feelings of inadequacy which as a Psychoanalytic/Psychodynamic Psychotherapist I see as coming from our childhood selves.

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Lies we tell ourSelves like accepting a false Self-narrative or a clinical diagnosis as an identity perpetuates a Self- loathing narrative in need of uprooting!

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Addiction to a Traumatic way of Thinking

Scotland is in the midst of a growing grassroots movement aimed at increasing public awareness of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs). We now have glaring scientific evidence that childhood adversity can create harmful levels of stress, especially if a child is left to manage their responses to that adversity without emotionally reliable relationships. The vision for ACE-Aware Nation is that all 5 million citizens of Scotland should have access to this information. The ‘ACEs to Assets Conference’ was held on 11 June 2019 in Glasgow, drawing an audience of nearly 2000 members of the public keen to explore actions that can be taken to prevent and heal the impacts of childhood trauma.


In this film, we hear from Dr. Gabor Maté, an international expert on trauma, who explores the theme of trauma as a disconnection from the self and why relationships are central to the prevention and recovery of trauma. Addiction, he argues, is one result of that disconnection from self.


We thought viewers might like to know of the experience of Gillian McIlroy, who can be seen in the film volunteering to take up Dr. Maté’s invitation to participate in the ‘Happy Childhood Challenge’. It can take courage to choose to have such an intimate conversation in a very public setting, even with Dr. Maté’s reassurances that she remains in full charge of what she chooses to share. Gillian contacted us afterward to say how honored she had been to participate in the conversation, having been following Dr. Maté’s work for several years. She sent us this message to share with viewers: "I am fully supportive of Gabor Maté and his work, and I participated voluntarily and happily in this conversation. I give my written permission for the use of the video of my participation and for publicly sharing my name in relation to it.”