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It's finally all about You, Your self & Why.  From your point of you.

t I m o t h y  r o g e r s,  m a,  l m f t 

- Licensed  Marriage  &  Family  Therapist  mfc101500 -

It's time to learn how to be attracted to what's healthy, one session at a time.

"Contact me for consistent support as you lift the veil of denial leaving the garden of ignorance until you can see you. For Real. This time not alone, AND on your own.”™️


A young client of mine once gave me the nickname "Mr. Y."  knowing it could've been so much worse, I asked him why that was the nickname. He said, that's why. you're always wondering why, like a detective." it was a wonderfully moving complement to me because of its authenticity and accuracy.  being more curious than critical about what we don't know (yet), of what has been and is no longer trying to be unconscious to us, has changed my life in deeply moving, often challenging and incredibly enriching ways. This is why I want to be of support to you. why I want to be a part of your journey toward your real self, and why  I enjoy working with an eclectic mixture of different sections of the population. 


a good fit

I am acutely aware that I may not be a good fit for every person in the population. (if you've made it this far on my site, it might be saying something agreeable). I'm just saying that my philosophy, my approach, even more tendency to be verbose, may not bother you as it might others. which, for me, is a natural part of the process. and so it goes that I too have found certain sections of the population more likely to be the personality type I find success in relationship. 


It is in the clinical support for men (all ages) who have long histories of rage (internal & external), substance abuse and/or social anxieties who find themselves seeking my counsel most consistently.  a focus on the deeper work within our Selves and my liberal ability to be flexible with the schedules of high profile artists, their children & executives working in the television and film industry as well as professional athletes and families of all cultures and configurations with whom I've been best able to establish  a trustworthy and effective therapist & client relatinship.


Evidence that doesn’t fit the story, gets left behind.

What you may not have emotionally understood is that your power comes from your you. Your Self. Why? because your caretakers (as was theirs and theirs before them) were unaware of the one thing which everyone in childhood needs and almost never receives. - Experiencing their parents as confident, imperfect but willing to see themselves as worthy.


Without knowing that this is the fundamental ingredient in the formation of someone's Self : Their Worth, each generation continues to pass on, perpetuates, encourages the loss of so much opportunity to thrive in a Self-satisfying life.


Your Last Therapist

But if you, your partner and/or members of your family choose to team up with me in being curious rather than critical of your emotional responses and can pause before your physical reactions; then you can each learn how to be attracted to what’s healthy, and I can be the last Therapist you see.​