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Timothy Rogers, M.A.,L.M.F.T. verified by Find A Therapist Featured

Maybe you are struggling with a relationship, or you have reached a crossroads in your career. Perhaps you have suffered a loss. There are times when we become troubled by feelings of anxiety, sadness, uncertainty, overwhelm, even hopelessness. Other times, we have the sense that life feels empty, that we are not living the life we were meant to live - that somehow, we have lost our way. These are the kinds of feelings and experiences that I work with most in my therapy practice. 

Based on my background, many of my clients are high profile artists/writers, creative professionals, lawyers, and psychology students.

I help people find relief from difficult feelings. I also encourage people to reflect on the origin and meaning of their experiences. In the process, we discover how patterns of relationship and thought might stand in the way of living a more authentically free, purposeful, and vibrant life.

I provide a safe, comfortable environment that supports my clients' efforts to navigate challenging circumstances, and create paths of fulfillment that are uniquely and truly their own.

Ultimately, and as my own therapist says and I agree that therapy succeeds when it helps people align with their deeper Selves, and discover an individual sense of meaning and purpose.

Clinically supervised by Dr. Ifat Peled, PsyD Lic#28021.I am psychoanalytically trained, and am also able to use Cognitive Behavioral stragedies to provide you with as much time as you need for the emotional courage of this work.

Building an authentic rapport, providing honest feedback and validating your emotional experiences to help you gain insight into the problem(s) you have come in to see me with. 

I will join you and together we will go toward those uncomfortable emotions you avoided in the past in order to help you feel safe in your relationships. Now though, you find that avoiding emotions (especially vulnerable ones) are hurting more than helping you in relationships.

I build an authentic relationship with you in order to successfully help you better understand, gain insight into what's been bothersome to you, and provide you with practical ways of better coping with what you find out about yourself. 

"As a therapist I try to remain neutral in this process. I believe it is more my role to support the cessation of acting out the cycle of abuse, and to encourage the working through of the fear, pain, grief, rage, shame and guilt, whether in relation to being a victim or being a perpetrator, within the therapy relationship." 

- Brian R. Skea, A Jungian Perspective on the Dissociability of the Self