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Below are a just few of the presenting problems we successfully address and treat.

“I took childhood insecurities and turned them into an adulthood and career of which I am proud, and I am compassionately committed to helping others do the same!”

 - Timothy Rogers, MA, LMFT 


Drugs & Alcohol 

to cope

 with life

This therapy addresses the und​erlying (often unconscious) motivators for those who abuse the use of drugs & alcohol, as well as, other vices (shopping, food, gambling, sex, technology) to cope with life's stressors. The Goals for this type of therapy include: Repair damaged relationships, increase self worth, and experience relief & hope.


(suppressed sadness)

Sleep disturbances include:

  • Changes in appetite and/or body weight 
  • Dysphoria (a 'bad mood', irritability, sadness)
  • Anhedonia (loss of interest in activities such as work, sport or sex)
  • Fatigue, Agitation, Difficulty concentrating, Low self-esteem (and associated feelings; guilt, worthlessness, hopelessness)
  • Suicidal thoughts or preoccupation with death.


Valid, Unresolved & Displaced 

aka: Hurt, Sadness & Shame

Anger needs to be heard and felt & have​ some kind of resolve. Anger sometimes serves as a mask for other more vulnerable emotions that you may be less comfortable with. Goal: Exploring the causes for your lasting extreme anger & finding real relief.

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Social Anxieties

If you are experiencing

Your anxiety may have reached seemingly unmanageable levels.

We work specifically with these symptoms and help provide real relief via relationship and by teaching healthier and more effective coping skills.

  • A sense of worry or impeding doom,
  • feelings of irritability, uneasiness and an inability to relax. 
  • Body sensations including breathlessness, palpitations, dizziness, sweating.
  • An overwhelming feeling of panic. 
  • Sleep disturbances, difficulty concentration or changed perceptions whereby

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Trauma Therapy

Initially addressing presenting symptoms of trauma such as drug & alcohol abuse, anxiety, depression & co-dependacy and infidelity. As the  relationship between you and your therapist grows, we target the self-sabotaging behaviors & unconscious motivations most people have ignored, suppressed or denied.